De-rusting and phosphating of metal parts and components | Specialist blasting and cleaning services for delicate and fragile parts | Unique chemical stripping and cleaning services for Aluminium components | Epoxy primer coatings | Powder coating of chassis and components etc

Our process is as follows:

  1. Parts and shells are inspected with the customer upon receipt. All Items are listed and photographed for your records as well as ours.
  2. The parts are manually loaded into our oven, where they are gently baked for the required length of time. The oven gently “overbakes” any paint and applied coatings, e.g. underseal & filler, unitil only a light “dust” or ash remains.
  3. The parts are rinsed with a high pressure water wash to remove any remaining contamination.
  4. The bare steel parts are now loaded into our unique cleaning and de-rusting solution, this gently removes any corrosion from the metal without attacking any sound steel surfaces.
  5. Following the de-rust stage, the parts are rinsed with a hot phosphate solution, removing any final contamination from the parts and providing a temporary inhibited surface, stopping the formation of any flash rust until the parts are dried.
  6. The parts and shell are then immersed in our unique neutralising tank. This process ensures that any remaining corrosion products and chemicals are removed from the metal surface.
  7. The parts are then force dried in an oven for around 30 minutes. This ensures no fluid is trapped behind panels and in chassis legs etc.
  8. A specialist electrostatic epoxy primer is then applied which is baked on at 190 degrees. This gives a very tough durable coating which will protect the shell and parts without any further coating required until you are ready to put the parts into paint.